Wellness Packages at Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center

*Our Total Wellness Package is currently under construction. Stay tuned for the finished project, planned to launch this October!*

Our Total Wellness Packages can assess your overall health and wellness status, while our specialized nutrition, fitness, emotional well-being and skin care packages are tailored to your unique health and wellness concerns. To schedule an appointment, inquire about pricing or to request additional custom packages please call the Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center™ at (215) 735-7992 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Rittenhouse Women’s Total Wellness Package

Lifestyle, stress levels, nutritional intake, exercise regimen and medical conditions can impact your sense of well-being, weight, appearance, and most importantly your physical health. The Rittenhouse Women’s Total Wellness Package assesses your wellness by looking at your health from a 360 degree perspective. With this package, each member from our team of wellness experts addresses your unique health issues and goals for well-being in a single half-day visit. During your assessment, you will meet individually with one of our board certified healthcare providers, as well as with our registered dietitian, fitness specialist*, psychologist and certified aesthetician. Each specialist will thoroughly evaluate your current status with regard to physical health, nutritionfitness, emotional well-being and skin care. We will provide you with recommendations to prevent disease and ensure good health and overall wellness at each stage of your life.

During a scheduled follow-up visit, you will sit down with a board certified provider to review your RWWC Total Wellness Assessment, which includes:

At your follow-up visit, you will be provided with recommendations for any necessary laboratory or diagnostic testing along with a plan to improve your overall wellness. Additional specialized services and packages at the Center may also be recommended, if necessary. This program is one of our healthy benefits, which you can choose when you sign up for our $199 membership. The $199 fee covers the follow up report, insurance fees will apply.  Learn More >>


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