The Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center’s Philosophy

A medical practice where the provider gets to know you, is accessible, and offers same day sick appointments

At the Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center™ you will always be seen by one of our providers.  Dr. Jillan Rowbotham, Dr. Monica Duvall, Dr. Maria Mazzotti, and Dr. Lauren O'Brien are board certified physicians and Catherine McGinty and Allison Andrews are board certified nurse practitioners on staff. We also have in-house services in Nutrition, Emotional Well-Being and Skin Care. At Rittenhouse Internal Medicine™ our providers will spend the time necessary to get to know you and the doctors take calls directly when they are on call. You can also email your provider directly through our state of the art patient portal if you need to reach them. Our patients rarely wait more than 15 minutes to be seen and we offer same day sick appointments. We are also open Monday–Saturday. Our hours are 8am to 8pm Monday through Friday (closing at 5pm on Fridays during the summer) and 10am to 3pm on Saturday. Our electronic medical record system is ‘state of the art’ and provides features such as electronic prescribing so that we can send your prescription directly to your pharmacy or pull up your chart even when we are out of the office. Our office is conveniently located in Center City Philadelphia. 

An integrated approach to improving health and preventing disease exclusively for women

Incorporating healthier everyday habits and attitudes into your diet, physical activity and overall lifestyle can help enhance your quality of life today and well into the future. These decisions can influence your susceptibility to common diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Common health issues such as fatigue, stress, insomnia, obesity and mood swings can also be ameliorated with a healthier overall lifestyle. For women specifically, adopting a Total Wellness philosophy can help to ease her transitions between various life stages — from adolescence to motherhood to maturity.

The Rittenhouse Women Wellness Center™’s initial Total Wellness Package includes the following components:

  • A Detailed Health History Assessment // All packages require patients to complete a detailed health and lifestyle history questionnaire. This comprehensive information is vital in assessing patients’ unique health needs and goals.

  • A Comprehensive Physical Evaluation // The comprehensive physical evaluation component of your package begins with a thorough discussion of your health history with one of our board certified providers, to help clarify your health concerns and wellness goals. You will receive a thorough physical examination as well. Based on your health history and physical, specific screening or diagnostic tests may be recommended to better evaluate your current or future risk for disease. Learn more about Internal Medicine at RWWC>>

  • A Nutritional Assessment // Proper nutrition is vital to long-term health and wellness. With your nutritional assessment the RWWC’s registered dietitian will assess your current diet and eating habits. She will also educate you on nutrition principles — such as food’s impact on metabolism, mood, hormones and medical conditions — and on how to make better food selections. In partnership with your providers, our registered dietitian will assess your individual needs and work with you to develop a sustainable, personalized nutrition plan that takes into account your lifestyle, budget, food preferences, allergies and medical conditions. Learn more about Nutrition at RWWC>>

  • A Fitness Evaluation // Regular physical activity helps maintain a healthy body weight, reduce stress, and prevent major illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Our fitness evaluation, completed by the Center’s exercise specialists*, provides you with an assessment of your current fitness level. Based on your level of fitness, the fitness specialist and board certified healthcare provider will recommend how you can safely incorporate exercise into your daily life to meet your wellness goals and gain strength, balance and aerobic fitness. Learn more about Fitness at RWWC>> * Fitness services provided by our partner, City Fitness, at their four Philadelphia locations.

  • An Emotional Well-Being Assessment // Stress can adversely affect not only a woman’s emotional well-being, but also her physical health. The Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center™’s lifestyle therapists** have extensive experience in helping women to reduce stress levels and address their life problems to achieve a balanced, healthier life. An emotional well-being assessment is a pivotal component to your plan for total wellness, as it takes into account the mind-body connection. Learn more about Emotional Well-Being at RWWC>> **Emotional Well-Being services provided by Dr. Perilstein at her Center City office. 

  • A Skin-Care Consultation//our board certified providers and their team will take the time to inform you and provide timely advice whether you have a skin, hair, or nail condition that needs medical attention or are seeking aesethetic improvement.. Prolonged stress can affect appearance and accelerate aging of the skin. Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center™’s skin evaluation provides information on how to ensure long-lasting skin health and overall beauty. Or if you have a skin condition, our certified aesthetician will discuss treatment methods. She will also review areas of your body that concern you and recommend changes in your skin care regimen, additional services and products. Learn more about Skin Care at RWWC>>

  • Our Total Wellness Assessment // After patients complete all Total Wellness Services, specialists from the RWWC collaborate with your provider to prepare your RWWC Total Wellness Assessment, which is given to you during a follow-up consultation with our internist. This detailed health portfolio includes a comprehensive summary of the results of the various assessments you have received at the RWWC. It also provides a customized action plan with personalized guidelines to Total Wellness. Strategies for improving all aspects of well-being are addressed, as well as special educational references, recommendations for additional services, and tools for success to enable you to achieve total physical and emotional wellness. This program is one of our healthy benefits, which you can choose when you sign up for our $199 membership. The $199 fee covers the follow up report, insurance fees will apply. Learn more about Total Wellness Packages at RWWC>>

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