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At Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Centers, our team of trained women’s wellness specialists provide you with the same trusted health care they expect as patients. Not only does this mean providing their patients with quality, evidence based medicine, but the promise of :

  • Every visit with a board certified provider
  • Longer initial visits and the promise of unhurried care and extended appointment times

  • Prompt e-mail responses sent through our secure patient portal network directly from the doctor or nurse practitioner within 24hrs

  • Returned phone calls from your provider personally

We offer seamless communication tools through our secure patient portal network, allowing patients to e-mail direct follow-up questions to their provider, as well as schedule a wide range of appointments online—saving you one less phone call. To put it simply, we intend to make your life a little bit easier.

We provide enhanced benefits and services, not covered by insurance, so we ask that our members support our unique healthcare center by paying a small annual fee—a fee that is less than the cost of your monthly manicure, gym membership, bi-weekly date-night, or daily cup of tea! Join Now!

Your Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Centers Medical Home Membership

Annual Complementary Services and Discounts

Each year our members can choose a free healthy service from one of our wellness specialists—be it a mindfulness meditation session with one of our psychologists, a nutrition assessment with a registered dietitian, a fitness session*, or a skin rejuvenating healthy facial peel, or microdermabrasion. All members also receive discounts on skin care services and injectables including: Botox and Juvederm. Our list of exclusive partners offer the best discounts to our members for a full year's membership.

We Are On Your Time

We understand that your time is valuable, and your need to see your provider is important to you. That’s why we work closely with your schedule, offer extended time with your provider, evening and weekend hours, as well as on-site lab draws.

No Long Waits

Our patients rarely wait more than 15-minutes to see a provider, and she spends all the time they need providing thorough, quality care. This means not only are you treated and cared for quickly and efficiently—but you no longer need to cancel an entire morning of obligations for a 20 minute doctor’s visit.

Secure Online Access

We provide direct, same-day secure patient portal e-mail communications with your provider through our patient portal network. This gives members the virtual ability to review their medical records and visit summaries, lab and diagnostic imaging results, schedule a wide range of appointments, view upcoming appointments, and request prescription refills and referrals online.

*Fitness sessions will be held at neighboring fitness facilities. 

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