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Our practice, Rittenhouse Internal Medicine™, provides compassionate, comprehensive medical care with your best interests in mind–especially important when navigating today’s increasingly complex health care system. Your medical provider will be your first contact for any health-related issues, and will also coordinate any specialist care you may need. Rittenhouse Internal Medicine™ offers the best in medical care conveniently locationed in Center City Philadelphia. Learn more about Our Providers

Routine Gynecology Exams and Contraceptive Care

At Rittenhouse Internal Medicine™ we understand the special needs and concerns of women in all areas of health. With our healthcare provider's backgrounds in gynecology and women’s health we are well suited to treat the gynecological needs of our patients.

Our physicians and nurse practitioner offer the following services and if necessary, arrange the coordinated specialist care.

  • Routine gynecologic care and health screenings, including breast exams, pap tests and birth control counseling and prescriptions
  • STD testing
  • HPV testing and Gardisil, the HPV vaccine
  • Management of menopausal symptoms
  • Treatment for urinary tract infections and other recurrent vaginal infections
  • Contraception - all types including: Nexplanon and IUD placement and removal.

Travel Medicine

Affordable Travel Preparation

For preventive medical care no matter where you're headed, RWWC is ready to help. We'll review your itinerary and medical history, provide the necessary vaccinations and prescriptions, and give you advice for staying healthy throughout your trip. You should plan to see us six weeks before your departure to allow ample time for vaccinations.

Since many insurance companies do not cover travel medicine, the cost of the visit is $75 plus the cost of any vaccinations that you may require. Many vaccines (Hepatitis A and B as well as the Tetanus vaccine) are covered by most insurances, but some are not and some insurance plans have limited coverage. We recommend you schedule your appointment six weeks before your departure so that you have ample time to get all of your vaccines as well as allowing you time to call your insurance after the appointment if you have any questions about coverage for vaccines that your provider recommends. Please be sure to bring your vaccination records to your visit.

Special Vaccinations

When calling us to make an appointment, please make sure to tell the receptionist your itinerary so that the doctor can prepare for your appointment. Certain vaccinations, including those against rabies, Japanese encephalitis and Yellow Fever are only available at specialized travel clinics. We'll help you determine whether you need any of these vaccines and direct you to the appropriate clinic. Travelers to equatorial Africa and parts of South America will require proof of vaccination against yellow fever, so be sure to follow through with any referrals your doctor recommends.

For more details, visit the CDC travel website

What to Expect During Your Visit

At your first visit, your healthcare provider will:

  • Explore your medical history, family background, and social history
  • Perform a physical exam and prescribe any necessary diagnostic tests
  • Work with you to develop a personalized, long-range plan that addresses any immediate health problems
  • Provide suggestions to help minimize future health-related problems

Based on your history or personal preference, you may also choose to pursue more extensive screenings, such as CT imaging or a more complete cardiovascular risk assessment. We routinely help our patients to obtain these studies with the assistance of local specialists.

We review test results with you personally, and then prepare an action plan for your future care. If necessary, we provide follow-up in our office for your continuing care, or assist with arranging further evaluation by an appropriate specialist.

An Ongoing Commitment to Your Health

After your visit, our providers remain readily available to help you with any new or ongoing health issues. They will reassess your health status, usually on an annual basis, and will review which screening tests you may need. Over time, for example, you may develop a medical condition such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, or depression

Treating the Whole Patient, Inside and Out

Our extended team believes that wellness involves more than just internal medicine. Through the Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center™'s Total Wellness Package we offer our Prescription for Total Wellness. This collaborative assessment includes a fitness evaluation, stress management support, nutrition education and planning, as well as an aesthetic consultation, all in a single half-day visit. Learn more about the Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center >>

Internal Medicine’s Role in your Weight Management Program

Our Board Certified Physicians recognize the importance of a medically supervised weight loss program. They will help each patient accomplish their personal goals. Learn More >

NCQARittenhouse Internal Medicine™ has received the highest recognition from the National Center for Quality Assurance (NCQA). What this means for our patients

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