A revolutionary treatment for women. This completely natural procedure improves sexual relations, urinary incontinence and symptoms of Lichen Sclerosus. 

What is the O-Shot?

The O-Shot is a ground-breaking, non-surgical treatment invented by Charles Runels, MD to improve lubrication and sensitivity, ease pain, increase intensity or orgasm and often resolve urinary incontinence.

How is it done?

During the procedure, blood is drawn from the patients arm. It is places in a special tube and spun in a centrifuge. This separates the platelet rich plasma (PRP) from the blood. The doctor then takes the PRP and injects it into the upper wall of the vagina, as well as an injection directly into the clitoris. This delivers more blood flow to the organ.

Why does it work?

The PRP that is extracted from the body contains growth factors. These growth factors stimulate regeneration and rejuvenation. This procedure utilizes the body’s own regenerative ability to create new tissue; similar to how the body heals itself when it has an injury.

Does it hurt?

These areas are numbed with a local anesthetic cream before injection, causing patients to experience little or no discomfort during the procedure.

Benefits Include…

  ·         Increased natural vaginal lubrication
  ·         Relief from painful intercourse (dyspareunia)
  ·         Increased clitorial sensitivity and arousal
  ·         Improved skin texture of the vulva (vaginal lips)
  ·         Tighter vaginal opening for more pleasurable intercourse
  ·         Increased arousal from G-Spot stimulation
  ·         More intense and frequent orgasms
  ·         Decreased or resolved urinary incontinence
  ·         Improved symptoms of Lichen Sclerosus

Results last as long as 12-18 months for most women and there has been no reported complications in over 45,000 users

Our providers trained to administer this procedure include…

Dana Shanis , MD, Board Certified Gynecologist

Allison Andrews , Board Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

Catherine McGinty , Board Certified Nurse Practitioner

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