Rittenhouse Women's Wellness Center Begins Drive to Support Local Homeless Women

helpinghandbags1Do you have an old handbag lying around the house? Why not give it to someone who can use it!

This holiday season, the staff at Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center is focusing our drive on the women who need it the most - Philadelphia's homeless. We are going to prepare handbags of supplies and resource lists to then deliver to women both in the streets and in shelters (depending on how many we can compile) and hopefully make someone's life at least temporarily easier. 

We hope that this drive is successful in helping women; women who are daughters, sisters and mothers just like we are, and who haven't been as lucky as we have. Thank you for your support in this endeavor and we wish you to always be well!

We are asking for donations of:

·         Handbags/purses or backpacks
·         Feminine hygiene products - pads, tampons
·         General hygiene products - hairbrushes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant
·         Condoms
·         Clean socks, towels
·         Non-perishable food items

Rittenhouse Women's Wellness Center featured in Inside Magazine Fall 2010

Dr. Saltzman has recently been featured in Inside Magazine's Fall 2010 Edition.  The article touches on "A new kind of medical practice". To read the article on Dr. Saltzman and the Rittenhouse Women's Wellness Center, please click on the following link. To expand the article, click on Dr. Saltzman's photo.

Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center

Internal Medicine plus Nutrition, Fitness, Emotional Well-Being and Skin Care

New center adds wellness services to internal medicine, combining nutrition education, fitness planning, emotional support and skin care services with primary care in one location.

PHILADELPHIA – November 10, 2008 - Doctor Leslie Saltzman D.O., a Philadelphia-based internist, has announced the launch of the Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center, the first primary medical care outpatient center offering integrated services to support women’s overall health and wellness. The Center offers patients an innovative program that delivers comprehensive wellness services in one convenient location at 1632 Pine Street, near Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia.

Rittenhouse Women's Wellness Center featured in The Philadelphia Women's Journal

The New Face of Internal Medicine (pdf)

Dr Leslie Saltzman's innovative approach to Internal Medicine offers women the ability to add consultations in Nutrition, Fitness, Skin Care and Emotional Well-Being, providing an integrated approach to health and wellness.

Published in The Philadelphia Women’s Journal, October/November 2008.

Click here to download the article.

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