“We believe in functional, goal-inspired fitness. The true meaning of health and wellness is feeling good and having the strength and energy to do what matters most to you.”

fitness runnerOur personal trainers are dedicated to helping every woman achieve her personal fitness, health or rehabilitation goals. Our neighboring fitness facilities provide fitness assessments and consultations, as well as personal training for their clients.

They will work with each woman to identify her physical fitness needs and develop functional goals and personalized exercise programs.

Fitness at the Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center™ provides physical fitness testing, consultations and personal training. All certified personal trainers at neighboring gyms will develop an individualized exercise program which promotes lifetime fitness based on your unique goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight or simply improve your fitness, we will develop a personal exercise plan to meet your needs. Initial fitness assessments include:

  • Body fat analysis and body mass index calculation
  • Strength, flexibility and balance assessment
  • Cardiovascular endurance testing

Additional services and specialized packages are available. The Rittenhouse Women’s Total Wellness Package includes an initial fitness assessment.

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