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Taking Care of Teenage Skin

By: Jayme Hudson, DermaCenter Aesthetician

We all love the Fall!  Warm days, cool nights, great sweaters, and cute boots! With the summer behind us and the school year underway, we need to focus on getting back into routines. Whether we’re getting up earlier for the school week, planning our weekends to get the maximum relaxation, or just getting back into the swing of things! As adults, we know the importance of a routine and the importance of instilling routines into our children’s day.

An important routine that we can teach them when they are young is a good skin care routine. Teenage skin can be very unpredictable and those years are really important because this is when acne scarring as well as most premature photo damage can occur. By teaching our kids good, consistent skin care routines from an early age, we can help them avoid and manage those untimely breakouts. Teenagers tend to have oilier skin which can lead to acne, and acne scarring, if not properly treated. (For our older patients we offer treatments for acne scarring such as, eMatrix or Micro Needling)

To start, you just need the basics; cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen. With all the activities, sports, and socialization that occurs throughout the school day, it’s important to clean skin thoroughly at night to remove dirt and oil from  pores.  For oily skin, you could get a toner such as our Environ’s Sebutone. For normal skin, a nice rose water is good to bring the skin back to its optimal pH level. Encouraging teenagers to moisturize and use sunscreen is incredibly beneficial for young skin!  Applying sunscreen is the number one thing they can do to prevent premature skin aging. 

At DermaCenter, we can help by performing treatments such as light acid peels which help to gently exfoliate the skin and helps to control oil production as well as aide in reducing breakouts. We recommend using medical-grade products such as our acne-line from Environ that contains Salicylic Acid and tea tree oil which will exfoliate the skin, kill bacteria and help with inflammation and irritation.  

Aging Gracefully

By: Dermacenter Aestheticians

When it comes to skin care, a major goal is aging gracefully. There are many ways to go about taking care of your skin over a lifetime, and we will highlight some things you can do daily at home, and regularly in our medical spa.

Regarding aging, the main concerns are wrinkles, hyperpigmentation from sun exposure, loss of laxity and diminishing collagen. A well balanced diet, including plenty of water, a consistent at-home skin care regime, along with non-invasive medical spa treatments, is the best way to ensure healthy glowing skin from the inside out.

Some key ingredients to look for when concerned with anti aging are Vitamin A (Retinols), Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, AHA/BHA’s, and sunscreen (SPF). These ingredients all help with the anti-aging process by means of exfoliating, hydrating and protecting the skin. Medical grade products that you can only receive through doctors offices and medical spas contain higher percentages of active ingredients, have less fillers and more effective delivery systems. Using professional grade products in combination with aesthetic procedures, such as laser and peels, will not only enhance your results but will also extend the life of your treatment.

At the Dermacenter, we have treatments geared to improve all aspects of aging for all skin types. Non-invasive aesthetic treatments can minimize wrinkles, vanish hyperpigmentation, and tighten the skin with minimal downtime and without the risk of going under the knife. Non-invasive treatments are becoming more and more popular because the appearance of the face can be significantly improved without feeling fake.

We can set you up with a consultation to review your current skincare routine and also the results you are looking to achieve to customize the perfect mix of aesthetics treatments and medical grade products to achieve the lasting results you are looking for. Please contact our office to set up your complimentary consultation for the fall!

Summer Skin & UV Protection

By: Dermacenter Aestheticians

It’s that time of year again! Summer is upon us, so as you're soaking up the sun rays and enjoying vacation time, it is a must to take special care of your skin. The summer sun can do a number on the skin including damage such as sunburns, hyper pigmentation, and the dreaded PREMATURE AGING!!!  Make sure you protect yourself and preserve your skin for another year! We all love that sun kissed glow so consider a spray tan (From one of our partners) instead of laying out in the sun baking the surface of your skin. Now we all know we are not going to stay inside this summer season so make sure to you wear sunscreen DAILY! Using a higher SPF in addition to your normal skincare routine will help protect those nasty UVA (Aging) and UVB (burning) rays. Sunscreen is your number one first line of defense in the anti-aging war and is vital in protecting the skin. At the DermaCenter we carry a few different options for your sunscreen needs, for all skin types from oily, acne or just aging.

In addition to using a higher SPF you may also switch out the heavier moisturizers for something lighter and water based to help combat oily skin on hot and humid days. Environ's AVST moisturizer is a great summer moisturizer being that it is light, water based and has Vitamin A which is crucial protecting the skin. Also adding in a "treatment" product in the evening is huge in the summer months since the sun is damaging the outer layers throughout the day. Using something with a higher level of Vitamins and Peptides is beyond beneficial in helping to restore the skins surface.  Environ's C-Quence is a boost of Vitamin A, C and additional peptides to help the skin look younger and more refreshed.

Through the month of June 2016, at the DermaCenter, we are offering Skin Tightening and Ematrix treatments at a discounted price. Skin Tightening is a treatment that uses Radiofrequency to stimulate collagen below the surface and give you an instant tightening effect. This treatment is known as the lunchtime facelift, have a big event coming up set up an appointment feel instantly tighter and more firm. EMatrix is a treatment that also uses Radio Frequency but actually stimulated Collagen but putting "micro-traumas" into the Dermal tissue, creating cell turnover and regeneration. This treatment is wonderful for fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring. A combination of these two treatments results in a more youthful looking appearance that will last,

Please contact the DermaCenter at (215)735-7990 to set up a free consultation to see which treatments would be right for your skin.  

Battling Dry Winter Skin

By: Dermacenter Aestheticians

The holiday season has passed, but the cold weather remains, these extreme temperatures can be wreaking havoc on your skin. With more cold months ahead, it is important to adjust your daily skin care routine and switch to a winter regime which includes staying hydrated, exfoliating, bumping up the moisturizer, and continued use of SPF.

Combating dry, dehydrated skin in the winter starts from the inside.  Dehydration can make the skin appear dry therefore wrinkles will be more prominent.  
Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Also, incorporating professional treatments such as Chemical Peels, Micro Planning, Microdermabrasion and Micro-needling allows for greater penetration of at-home products. These treatments work by exfoliating dead skin cells and creating micro channels in the surface, which in turn helps to create a healthier more vibrant complexion.

It is also important to switch out your moisturizer. It is common to use a light, non-oil based moisturizer in the Summer however, when the temperatures drop, it is a bit harder to keep moisture locked in the skin. Therefore, using a creamier, heavier textured moisturizer will be beneficial in keeping your skin smooth and hydrated. 

For ultimate results, combining professional treatments with your at-home regime will help protect your skin from these harsh winter months. For the month of February we will be featuring the Avene product line at a discounted rate. These products are proven to be excellent for soothing, calming and hydrating the most sensitive skin. 

Last but not least, the continued use of an SPF is always recommended. We are continuously being exposed to sun rays which can potentially cause sun damage and premature aging. UV rays reflected by snow increase these risks.

The skilled Medical Aestheticians at the Dermacenter Medical Spa can help customize a treatment plan and at home regime to battle the effects of winter skin. Please call us with any questions or to set up your complimentary consultation.

A New Year, A More Beautiful You with Velashape

By Dermacenter Medical Spa Aestheticians

Many women's New Year's resolutions include losing weight, getting toned, eating better and overall implementing a healthier lifestyle. Proper nutrition, fitness, and even skincare are all factors to consider in making these resolutions a reality. The aesthetic skincare treatment, Vela Shape can help you achieve your goals by contouring the body and smoothing out unwanted cellulite leaving the area looking tighter, smoother and overall more toned. 

Cellulite is commonly found mostly on women, causing an unpleasant dimpling effect due to fat beneath the skin that is trapped between connective tissue. Vela Shape combats the "orange peel" appearance by using combined RF and IR energy followed by a vacuum manipulation which for many clients feels like a hot deep tissue massage. Treatments are typically done on a weekly basis for a minimum of 5 sessions and take about 45 minutes depending on how large the area is.

If you have further questions regarding Vela Shape or if you would like a complimentary consultation to see if Vela Shape would be appropriate for you please call the Dermacenter at 215-735-7990.  

Dealing With Excessive Hair Growth

By: The DermaCenter Aestheticians


There are many aspects of woman’s health, from internal medicine, emotional well-being, nutrition, even skin health and appearance. The Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center, strives to address a number of issues for overall health and wellness. Many internal hormonal issues that women deal with throughout different stages in life, like PCOS or Menopause, affect the physical appearance as well. These issues can cause excessive hair growth on the face, dry and/or oily skin conditions, or melasma. DermaCenter Medical Spa, is a vital part of the Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center, and has treatments and services to minimize the effect of certain physical issues for women living with these conditions.

Excessive hair growth, especially in the facial area, is often seen on females struggling with PCOS. Our Aestheticians can perform laser hair reduction treatments that will inhibit growth making the hair that does come in lighter, finer and less abundant leaving the skin feeling and looking much smoother.

Other treatment options include Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion and Micro Planning which can help combat dry/oily skin as well as hyperpigmentation. All three of these treatments are a form of exfoliation of varying degrees.  Microdermabrasion is a physical and superficial form of exfoliation that lightly buffs the surface of the skin allowing the dead skin cells that collect on the surface to be removed without causing any physical damage to the outer layer of skin.  Chemical Peels use a chemical form of exfoliation which allows the exfoliation to get to the deeper layers of skin, pushing out any damage that may have been cause by hormonal issues or sun damage.  Micro Planning uses a combination of both but also removes the hair off the surface of the skin allowing for better makeup application and a smoother feel to the touch.The DermaCenter also has a wide range of products that can be customized to individual’s needs.

If you are living with a condition that affects your skin, talk to our Aestheticians about our available treatments to find one that is right for you!  

Fall Back into your Skin Care Routine

By: Jayme Hudson, Aesthetic Director


Now that summer has come to an end, it is time to think ahead and repair the damage that has been done from the season’s intense heat and sun. Some of the most common concerns among clients in the early fall months are pre- mature aging and hyper pigmentation caused from over exposure to the sun. Transitioning from a summer skin care routine to a fall routine not only entails an at home regime of proper care and products, but can also include aesthetic treatments to help facilitate the repair process.

You can switch from products focused on high potency sun protection to those with a “repair and protect” strategy for the skin.  You still need to be very conscious of the sun, even in the fall and winter months, but your nightly routines should have some added Vitamin C and Vitamin A to begin to reverse the damage that was done over the summer.  Treatments such as IPL and Chemical Peels are also a nice way to jump start the repair process. These treatments can be beneficial in reversing some of the summer’s effects on the skin.  At the DermaCenter, our Aestheticians, can customize a post summer treatment plan that fits with your lifestyle.

The two most common aesthetic treatments to help with damage from summer months are the IPL(Intense Pulse Light), or Photofacial, and Chemical Peels.  These procedures are extremely beneficial for clearing the damage off of the skins surface.  The IPL will combat Pigmentation caused by the sun as well as reds caused by Rosacea, and broken capillaries.  A Chemical Peel is a nice way to remove the buildup of dead skin cells that clog pores and sit on the surface of the skin making it look dull and dry. 

At the DermaCenter we use peels consisting of medical grade acids that will not completely ablate the surface of the skin which could leave you with weeks of downtime.  With our Chemical Peels, most of our patients notice a “slight flaking” for a day or 2, and then are left with skin feeling smoother, brighter, and a more youthful glow.

We will work with our patients to get them on a good skin care regime appropriate to their skin type to and also combat the signs of aging, and other skin issues.  At the DermaCenter our Aestheticians take a total wellness approach to skin care, through procedures and at home products.  Contact our office at (215)735-7990 for a complimentary consultation.

Love the Skin You're In!

By: Molly Hagen, Aesthetic Director

Skincare is a very important aspect of a women's overall wellness because it's really about how you feel inside and out. When you look your best, you feel your best and this is going to overlap into other areas of your life. Living a healthy lifestyle is about eating right, staying active and taking care of yourself. When you treat yourself; whether that be a chemical peel or a facial, you are slowing down the aging process and doing something to better your health. It's always easier to prevent, than to fix and it's about loving the skin you are in!

Winter Skin Blues

By: Molly Hagen, Medical Aesthetician

The winter weather can be very harsh on your skin, but it doesn’t have to be. With just these 5 tips and some loyalty you should be glowing in no time. For starters, always remember to treat your face differently than your hands and feet. The hands and feet tend to crack and flake more than the skin on your face does. For those areas, use a petroleum jelly or a thicker Vaseline type cream. Avene carries a hand cream for these tricky areas that does wonders for your skin.

Seek a specialist. Talking to an aesthetician or a doctor is a great way to get professional advice on your skin and the advice that you may be looking for. Sometimes this small investment is worth it in the long run. A professional can recommend and diagnose any issues that you are facing with your skin in the winter time. Sometimes it can be more than just dry, cracked skin and it’s best to take care of it sooner than later.

Exfoliate and moisturize more. I’m sure you hear the word “moisturize” quite often in the winter time in regards to your skin. The one thing that most people tend to forget is that you need to exfoliate the dead, dry skin first, then moisturize so that you are moisturizing new fresh skin. This will give you that summer time glow that seems to be missing in the winter. Moisturizing with a light creamy based lotion will be the best, something heavy but not too greasy. Avene Clean-ac Moisturizer will leave your skin hydrated, soft and supple. A microdermabrasion is the best way to receive a deep exfoliation without any downtime so you can slaw away all of that dry, chapped, dull skin.

Hydrate more than ever. Drinking water has always been recommended but in the winter, drink more! The more water you have in your system, the more hydrated your skin will be. Everything that your body intakes is shown through your skin, so the more hydrated you are the more hydrated your skin will look and feel. Luke warm water is the best for you, so fill up that water bottle!

Cover up, it’s cold outside. Layers are the best way to protect your skin from the harsh winds and temperatures. Make sure that you are wearing gloves to protect your hands and a scarf to protect your face. The harsh winds can chap your skin and the cracking of the skin comes next, so be prepared and bundle up.

SPF. Never forget to protect your skin with sunscreen. Even though it’s winter, it doesn’t mean that the sun isn’t out and it can’t damage your skin. The winter sun is even more damaging because the rays reflect off of the snow making it more intense. Don’t count on your makeup either; find yourself a facial lotion sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or higher.

By following these suggestions, you can almost guarantee that your skin will never again suffer from extreme dryness through the winter months. If you have questions or would like to meet with a professional call the Dermacenter at 215-735-7990.

Taking Care of Your Skin this Summer

The heat and humidity of summer can wreak havoc on your skin. Increased exposure to the sun leads to sunburns and soreness in the present and can be a cause for wrinkles, toughness, and potentially deadly skin cancers in the future. Humid air creates the right conditions for acne and oily skin. Despite all of this, your skin need not suffer as a result of the weather.

Sunscreen: you’ve heard it before, and it bears repeating. No matter your age or skin type, everybody needs to wear sunscreen every day – and this becomes especially important during the summer. Remember to put enough on: the recommended application for adequate protection is 35 to 40ml per person per session (a handful). Sunscreen should be applied liberally enough to all sun-exposed areas that it forms a film when initially applied, and it should be the last product applied to the face before going out. A minimum SPF of 15 is recommended for all skin types; for young children and those with very fair or sun-sensitive skin, a higher SPF is recommended. Insect repellent can reduce sunscreen’s effectiveness by up to thirty percent, so take care to use a higher SPF and reapply sunscreen more often if combining it with insect repellent. Remembering to reapply sunscreen every two to four hours and immediately after swimming is crucial.

Wearing sun-protective lip balm is an important step in taking care of your lips that most people overlook when getting ready to go out. This not only protects against soreness and chapping, but also reduces the potential for the lips to be a possible site for dangerous melanomas.

Going easy on makeup is a good way to help prevent acne flare-ups in the summer. The combination of heavy makeup and sweat can clog pores and lead to break outs. Instead of using foundation all over your face, apply makeup lightly only to specific areas, and remember that the bright light of summer often accentuates makeup’s visibility, leading to an unnatural look.

Keep exfoliation light. While peels and scrubs are key during the winter and spring to keep skin radiant, be cautious of exfoliation as summer approaches. New, fresh skin that is revealed through exfoliation is actually more sensitive to the sun. Keep exfoliation to once a week or every other week and do it at night rather than in the morning. That way, your skin can recuperate a bit from exfoliation while you sleep.

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