Wellness Services for Weight Management

Internal Medicine

internal medOur Healthy Lifestyles program includes a weight focused history and physical with a board certified provider, as well as follow-up appointments for the duration of the program in order to keep track of progress. Our primary care doctors recognize the importance of a medically supervised weight loss program. At Rittenhouse Internal Medicine, we have made it our goal to provide patients with the highest quality of evidence based medicine, with a primary focus on adult disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment; as well as routine gynecological care and medical skin care.


nutritionOur team includes registered dietitians who provide nutritional counseling, education and meal planning. Our dietitians are experienced in providing care for patients who are not only trying to lose weight, but for those suffering from a variety of medical conditions including diabetes, IBS, polycystic ovary syndrome, food allergies and intolerances, and Celiac Disease.

Personal Training

fitnessOur team includes certified personal trainers who provide tailored fitness training programs and assessments. Our personal trainers value physical activity as a stress management and preventative medicine technique, working closely on integrated health and wellness plans, such as Healthy Lifestyles, with our expansive team of wellness specialists. All personal training sessions take place at City Fitness in Center City. 

Emotional Well-Being

emotionalOur team includes experienced Psychologists, who care for patients suffering with general emotional well-being concerns, as well as specialize in the treatment of more progressive disorders and difficulties. We also offer Mindfulness Meditation sessions with our psychologists specializing in stress management and emotional well-being maintenance.

Supplements & Medical Grade Shakes, Snacks, and Vitamins

medical grade

The healthy lifestyles program offers convenient options for meal replacements and protein snacks to decrease hunger and meet your macro nutrient goals.  Our products are for sale in physicians offices only and cannot be found online or in stores. Additionally, we have onsite vitamins and supplements to support your weight loss while maintaining your micro nutrient goals.  All our vitamins utilize  hypoallergenic, vegetarian capsules and tablets which are third party tested for quality and purity.  

Medically Supervised Weight Management Program

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