Option 2: Moderate Weight Loss without Meal Replacements

This program is designed for patients seeking moderate weight loss through a medically managed weight loss program without the use of meal replacements.

Weight-Loss Phase: (6 weeks) Incorporates a 1 hour consultation with one of our board certified internists and 2 follow up appointments. The Internist will assess your medical history and will include all necessary lab testing. This phase also includes at least 2 sessions with our Registered Dietitian* and a 1 hour session with our licensed psychologist***. You and the dietitian will develop a personalized meal plan that teaches you to modify eating habits gradually. Also, food label, portion size and healthy recipe education will be provided. In addition, you will have the choice to include 6 personal training sessions based on your goals and fitness abilities with our exercise specialist.

Maintenance phase: (6 weeks) After you have reached your weight loss goals, you will take part in a six- week Maintenance Program. The Maintenance Program, which is highly recommended for continued weight maintenance, is made up of private home visits from our registered dietitian* and exercise specialists to assess your home environment .** Your maintenance phase can also include phone calls made by our weight management team to monitor your continued progress and a super market shopping visit.

Additional services: Appetite suppressants will be administered if applicable.
**Check with our client service managers  to see if you live within the  home visit radius.
***Psychology visits during each phase is optional

Medically Supervised Weight Management Program

Your Team, Your Program

  • Internal Medicine: Complete medical history, physical evaluation and labs
  • Nutrition: A nutritional program tailored to your lifestyle and health
  • Fitness: One-on-one training designed to help you reach your goals
  • Psychology: Lifestyle choices and habits will be examined during visits

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