Nutrition for Weight Management

Our Registered Dietitians will work with you to design a personalized nutrition plan that will improve your health, address all of your diet concerns, and provide you with tools for a lifetime of balance. As part of the weight management program, you will receive 6 sessions with our Registered Dietitian. Your overall health, including nutrition and medical history, and your goals and expectations will be used to create your individualized health and nutrition plan. Prior to your initial nutrition consultation, we will ask you to complete a three-day food diary and nutrition history form so that we may better assess your dietary needs and develop a nutrition plan that is personalized to your life. This plan is not restrictive; rather it promotes health and wellness through education and support. Our registered dietitian will also review the Maintenance phase which will follow the Weight Loss phase for added support. The RWWC weight management team will provide you with the necessary skills to build a positive relationship with food, and help you incorporate behavior modification strategies that will lead to weight loss success.

Nutrition Features:

  • Individualized meal planning advice 
  • Healthy recipe planning  
  • Food label and portion size education

Medically Supervised Weight Management Program

Your Team, Your Program

  • Internal Medicine: Complete medical history, physical evaluation and labs
  • Nutrition: A nutritional program tailored to your lifestyle and health
  • Fitness: One-on-one training designed to help you reach your goals
  • Psychology: Lifestyle choices and habits will be examined during visits

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