Medically Supervised Weight Management*

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Are you ready for lifestyle changes so that you can lose weight and keep it off? No one way of losing weight can work for everyone. Long term weight loss requires changing your lifestyle habits forever. The Medically Supervised Weight Management Program at the Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center™ will teach you how to lose weight under the guidance of a multi-disciplinary team of health care professionals including a board certified Internist, nutritionist, certified personal trainer, and psychologist**. This personalized program will give you the necessary support system to manage your lifestyle choices and improve your overall well-being. This program is dedicated to achieving your personal goals and gives you the flexibility to plan and choose which aspects of your lifestyle you need to improve. We offer our program with or without meal replacements:

Option 1: Significant Weight Loss and Meal Replacements
This medically managed meal replacement program is designed for significant weight loss. The program is made up of 3 phases; Weight Loss with our meal replacements, Transition and Maintenance.

Option 2: Moderate Weight Loss without Meal Replacements
This program is designed for patients seeking moderate weight loss through a medically managed weight loss program without the use of meal replacements, but still working with our entire team of weight loss professionals.

Vital aspects for Weight Management Program:

Internal Medicine



Emotional Well-Being

Benefits of Medically Supervised Weight Management Program:

  1. Medically Managed
  2. Exclusively for women
  3. Pick and Choose your team of wellness specialists
  4. Part of program may be covered by your insurance plan
  5. Meal replacements available to patients looking for assistance in the weight loss process

*Most major medical insurances accepted - if interested, please call 215-735-7992

Medically Supervised Weight Management Program

Your Team, Your Program

  • Internal Medicine: Complete medical history, physical evaluation and labs
  • Nutrition: A nutritional program tailored to your lifestyle and health
  • Fitness: One-on-one training designed to help you reach your goals
  • Psychology: Lifestyle choices and habits will be examined during visits

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