Fitness for Weight Management

Our personal trainers will develop an individualized exercise program based on your lifestyle, fitness level, and goals. As part of the weight management program you can choose to meet with a personal trainer for 6, one hour sessions to help maximize your results and build your self confidence through the combination of proper diet and effective exercise.

In your initial fitness assessment, the personal trainer will calculate your body fat percentage and body mass index, evaluate your current exercise habits and future exercise goals, and test your strength, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular endurance. Within our facility, we have a private gym where you will exercise one-on-one with a personal trainer. No matter what your fitness level, we will accommodate your specific needs and provide you with a regime that will fit into your lifestyle. 

  • Exercise program tailored to your lifestyle and fitness goals
  • Exercise regime incorporating the 4 components of physical fitness: strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.

Medically Supervised Weight Management Program

Your Team, Your Program

Begin Your Weight Management Journey

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